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4wd Tractors - 8960
The 370 hp 8960 shattered the old horse-power limits when it was introduced in the fall of 1988. The 8960 lead the new 60 series 4wds which were completely new in concept, design and appearance. The 8960 replaced 300 hp 8850 in the John Deere 4wd line up. It featured a longer-wheel base chassis with center frame oscillation. The 8960 was powered by a 370-hp 14 Liter Cummins engine rather the John Deere V-8 found on the 8850 that had mixed results through out the 80's. The 8960 was the first John Deere 4wd to be fully marketed with the option of triple tires which improved traction and helped reduce compaction. The 8960's all new Sound-Gard body featured a new side access door and a one piece upper windshield for improved visibility. The 1/16 8960 4wd by Ertl was the largest toy tractor offered by Ertl to date in September 1988 outside of its ride on pedal tractors. The 8960 was a hefty toy measuring in at 16 inches in length and weighing almost a full ten pounds. The 8960 would not be topped in size until the release of the 1/16 John Deere 9400 in December 1996. The 8960 was produced for the John Deere new tractor introduction held in early September 1988 in Denver, Colorado. The 1/16 model number 8960 was only offered as a Dealer Edition to John Deere dealers attending the Denver show. The toy 896 included a die-cast insert reading, "John Deere 8960, Limited Edition, September 1988, 1 of 2000". The 8960 also came in a special box noting its special stature. Today a Denver Edition 8960 will bring $650 and up at toy shows and auctions.