TTS Farm Toy Report: New Toy Surprises 2004 Issue #29


Issue #29 covers all the new toy news from the National Farm Toy Show.  Ertl, Die-Cast Promotions, Scale Models and Spec-Cast all had plenty of new products on hand at the big show.  

New Toy Tractors On Display In The Ertl Show Room 

You will notice that the format has changed a little with larger pictures.  It may take a little while longer to down load the Farm Toy Report, but it is worth it to see all the new toys up close in full detail.

Look for additional new toys in the November Toy Tractor Times and the next TTS Farm Toy Report.  

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New Toy News


Scale Models announced at the National Farm Toy Show a new 1/16 Scale Allis-Chalmers 440 would be introduced for the AGCO parts Expo.  Look for this new model at participating AGCO dealers in February 2005.  

Ertl  has released the 1/64 Allis-Chalmers D-19 with Hinker cab.  This model was suggested by a TTS member during a live chat with Ertl Farm Toy Manger Bill Walters in 2002.  Ertl is listening to collectors ideas so keep asking and you never know what may show up in the years to come.  

The 2004 National Farm Toy Show tractor was the 1971 Massey-Ferguson 1500 4wd.  Toy Farmer offered this Ertl made 4wd in both 1/32 and 1/64.  The MF 1500 is the second in a new series of classic 4wd toys marking the National Farm Toy Show.  The 2003 model was an Ertl John Deere 7020 4wd.  Toy Farmer traditionally unveils its National Farm Toy Show tractor at Lafayette, IN Toy Show.  Collectors are eagerly awaiting to see what the 2005 4wd will be. 

Big Bud

The 1/16 scale Willams Brothers Signature Edition Big Bud 16V-747 was unveiled at the 2004 National Farm Toy Show.  This special version of the 900 hp Big Bud is produced by Die-Cast Promotions for Randy and Robert Williams who own the real tractor.  The Willams Brothers 900 Signature Edition is individually numbered (1 thru 747), has the signatures of both Robert and Randy Williams, has a special certificate with it, a serial number kit for your 1/32 and 1/64 Williams Brothers Signature Editions so you can have matching numbers on all 3, and a set of 3 vials containing soil, wheat, and engine oil from the real Big Bud. This will become the most collectible 1/16 scale Big Bud of the three versions produced.  You can order this very limited tractor at



Toy Farmer Magazine unveiled its latest classic 4wd project at the National Farm Toy Show.  In the summer of 2005 Toy Farmer will offer its readers a new 1/32 model of the famous Versatile Big Roy.  The Versatile Big Roy was model number 1080 and offered 600 hp with 8 drive wheels.  This beast was a prototype tractor displayed by Versatile in the 1970's.  Unfortunately due to the down turn in the economy in the 1980's the Big Roy never made it into production.  Today the one and only Big Roy resides at the Manitoba Agricultural Museum in Austin, Manitoba, Canada. To learn more about Big Roy visit

The 1/32 Big Roy will be produced by Die-Cast Promotions and will follow in the foot steps of the Big Bud 16V-747.  The 1/32 Big Roy by DCP offers the level of detail collectors have come to know, with a detailed engine and cab. At this time Toy Farmer plans to offer the black hooded "Museum Version" pictured here as well as the red hooded 1970's Versatile version.  Watch for ordering information in 2005.  




The order period has closed for the 2004 Toy Tractor Times 1977 International 1086.  This exciting model highlights IH history and the red heritage CaseIH has carried for 20 Years.  TTS members are the first to see the T.T.T 1086 box highlighting the 1086 and IH Pro-Ag 86 Series history.   The IH 1086 is projected to be released by Ertl in February 2005.  To see all 19 T.T.T tractors click here.  


The Farmall 400 with cultivator should be out soon.  This Precision model was planned for release this summer.  Ertl plans to release this model in December 2004.  They added one new surprise, an IH umbrella.  For anyone who has cultivated corn on a hot summer day an umbrella on the tractor to block the sun is a must.  This special Precision marks the 50th Anniversary of the Farmall 400.  

The X Set is here.  Participating CaseIH dealers will soon be stocking the new CaseIH X set from Ertl.  This new 1/64 set represents all of the current products that make CaseIH a leading farm equipment manufacturer around the world.  The set includes the 100,000th MX285 Magnum, STX 500 Steiger Quadtrac, AFX 8010 combine, SPX4410 Patriot Sprayer and newly tooled MXU125 Maxxum.  

At first glance collectors may think the X set is a box with the same old red tractors.  Not true.  Ertl has added some surprises.  The STX 500 is a collectors edition that Ertl took the time to highlight with individually gold painted bolts on the track assembly.   

The CaseIH MXU125 is an all new tooling complete with a clear window cab and sunroof.  

The CaseIH MX285 in the set represents the actual 100,000th Magnum produced by CaseIH in December 2003.  This model featured tiger stripping graphics.  Ertl is offering this model in the X set with a clear window cab.  To learn more about the real 100K Magnum visit .



The new 1/64 J&M grain cart will be released to participating CaseIH dealers the week of November 29, 2004.  This new cart is a new tooling from Ertl complete with a hitch jack stand and cross beams in the grain tank.  The J&M cart is packaged with a CaseIH STX375HD Steiger.  This is the first STX HD 1/64 replica.  HD Steiger 4wds are industrial models.  


Scale Models has released the second classic Steiger in the Steiger Barn Series.  The new 1/16 Steiger 2200 represents the second generation of Steiger 4wds built on the Steiger farm.  With a 1/16 model of the Steiger built Allis-Chalmers 440 on the way could a 1/16 Steiger Wildcat or Bearcat  Series I model not be too far down the road from Scale Models? 

John Deere


Replacing the Precision Classic line of tractors is the new Precision Key Series. The first tractor in this series is the John Deere 4430, one of the more popular row crop tractors from the 1970’s. Look for this highly detailed replica in November at your local John Deere dealership. Prototype Shown.

Features include:

bulletFirst John Deere Precision with dual wheels
bulletOpening cab windows and doors
bulletRemovable side engine panels
bulletNew “open style” package
bulletTire valve stems
bulletPhoto etched key
bulletDetailed three point hitch
bulletSeparate front weights




Surprise, here is the all new Ertl 1/16 scale John Deere 4995 Self-Propelled Disc-Mower.  This replica is Ertl's first modern 1/16 scale self-propelled farm toy.  It offers tremendous detail with a clear window cab, swiveling rear wheels, raiseable mower head complete with hydraulic lines.  

The John Deere Patio Set Precision tractors are nearly here.  Ertl showed of the new Precisions at the National Farm Toy Show.  They will be packaged in an open face box and encased in plastic.  Look for more pictures and details on these new models in the November Toy Tractor Times Magazine.  

The 1/64 John Deere air drill is finally here.  In the year 2000 Ertl released a 1/64 John Deere 1900 commodity cart.  Collectors were excited to see a new cart but were surprised that there was no air drill.  Bill Walter's the Ertl Farm Toy Manager told readers that four years ago when the John Deere air cart was released their were plans to incorporate an air drill on the John Deere 2200 field cultivator frame.  Plans changed and the idea was shelved.    

Ertl will release a new air drill set in 2005.  The set includes a John Deere 9320 4wd with a clear window cab, 1910 commodity cart and all new 42.5 ft 1890 air drill.  Ertl has added extra detail to the 1890 drill with folding hydraulic rams.  This new set should be out in time for spring planting.


For many years 1/64 collectors have wanted a scraper pan set.  Today's leading 4wds offering 275hp-500hp offer power beyond agriculture.  Many contractors use 4wd tractors on the construction site to level and clear land.  Ertl will soon release a 1/64 John Deere 9520 with a set of scraper pans.  These new 1/64 pans can be pulled in tandem or can be unhooked and pulled in singles by two 1/64 tractors.  The 1st Production set will feature a 9520 4wd with black windows while latter runs will have the new clear window cab.  

It has been a few years since Ertl has offered a 1/64 John Deere tractor with a loader.  Ertl will release a 1/64 John Deere 7320 with a loader soon.  The new 7320 will be packaged with a 1/64 John Deere Hydra-Push manure spreader.  

The 1/64 John Deere 8320 and Frontier GC1108 grain cart set will be arriving at participating John Deere dealers the week of November 29, 2004.  Frontier is a John Deere brand and J&M builds grain carts for John Deere to distribute under the Frontier name.  The new cart represents a new detailed tooling from Ertl complete with a hitch jack stand and cross beams inside the grain tank.  The Frontier GC1108 cart is packaged with a John Deere 8320 that is toped off with a GPS beacon.  

New Holland

In February 2005 New Holland dealers will be stocking the new 1/64 Ertl TG230 and blue J&M Grain Cart.  This new grain cart set will make a great match to the 1/64 New Holland CR960 from Ertl.  

In September Ertl released the new 1/32 J&M grain carts.  CaseIH dealers are stocking a red J&M cart and John Deere dealers have a green Frontier cart packaged with a new 8 inch scale John Deere 8420 with loader and all around removable duals.  New Holland dealers are now stocking a 1/32 blue J&M cart to match the 1/32 CR970 and CR960 combines.

Scale Models produced the first 1/16 scale Ford 8000 tractor as a special model for the 2004 National Farm Toy Show.  Scale Models hosts an event during the show at its factory and visitors could watch the Ford 8000 tractors being produced.  Look for pictures of the Ford 8000 on the assembly line in the November Toy Tractor Times Magazine.  

Scale Models also produced a special edition 1/64 Ford 8000 for the 2004 National Show. 

Scale Models has released a 1/16 Collectors Edition of the New Holland TG285.


National Show Edition Top Ten Question and Answer with Bill Walters RC/Ertl Farm Toy Manager

Bill Walters RC2/Ertl Farm Toy Manager Introduces New Products to TTS Member John Schomburg at the Ertl Show Room

TTS-Farm Toy Report Top Ten

Question 1.  Is the 5288 in the 60th anniversary set made from new tooling or old?

Answer 1. We had planned to use the old 5288 tooling, but this is now working out.  We will likely have to switch this unit out and put in a 2594 or 3294 instead.

Question 2. The new Key Precision IH 1206 and JD 4430 look nice.  Have tractors been selected for AGCO & Ford/NH Key Precisions?

Answer 2. We are working on our 2006 line, and are discussing how the Key Series will be done for these licenses.

Question 3. The new 1/64 IH 2+2 3388 and 3588 were a big surprise from CaseIH.   Will the 2+2 use new tooling?  Is the forage havestor in the 2+2 set going to be a vintage International with a white spout and international decals.

Answer  3. This is all new tooling.  Sorry I don't have anything to show yet, but as soon as I get something, I'll post a picture on TTS Toy Talk.   We are using our old forage harvester and wagon in the set.  Hopefully you'll like it.

Question 4. Will the new Key Precision 1206 have a chrome muffler? 

Answer  4.  No, the 1206 Precision will not have a chrome stack.  From all the information I have, the chrome stacks were not an option from the factory.  The tractor pictured in the 2005 CaseIH guide is a promotional picture.    

Question 5. In December 2003 Ertl announced a 1/16 12/23 Corn Planter.  What is the status of the release of this replica?

Answer  5. We are having big issues with pricing and also safety issues with the 1/16th JD planter.  Sorry, but this project has been delayed and put on hold.

Question 6. What is the out look for another Prestige Series combine to follow the John Deere 45 with two row corn head?  

Answer  6. Look for the 2nd Prestige Combine announcement in 2005?

Question 7. Is there any hope to see a new 1/64 CaseIH cotton picker like the cpx610, cpx620 or cpx420 cotton picker?  Any plans for an update on decals from the current John Deere 9986 cotton picker to the new 9996 cotton picker.

Answer  7. I can not go into specifics on Case IH cotton pickers, but we are in discussions with their marketing staff.  We have also received information from John Deere on their 9996 and will decide soon what we're doing.

Question 8. Would Ertl  look at producing new side screen style CaseIH 2377 and 2388 combines?

Answer  8. We are discussing with Case IH the future of the 2388AFX.  Our tools are pretty old, and not that good.  To do them justice we should really tool entirely new.  This just becomes an issue of priorities.

Question 9. Why did Ertl not seal the Key Precision 4430 in plastic? U like the open front but I am worried about dust getting in the box. In The Toy Tractor Times I saw that Ertl enclosed the new Lawn & Garden Patio sets why not do the same for the big Precisions?

Answer  9.  We've debated many times over having a plastic cover on the 4430 Precision.  We wanted everyone to see how good the unit was, and it seems that everyone who looks at a Precision is always wanting to touch it and see if it is really die-cast.  I guess we'll wait and see what the overall reaction is and makes changes if necessary.  Obviously we sell many tractors in open boxes, so I guess I'm not really sure why everyone is having an issue.

Question 10. When you run the "first production" of a new tooling, how many models are cast in this first run? I know that it most likely varies between models, but what is a good estimate?

Answer  10.  You're right, it does vary.  Normally it would be around 5000 pieces.





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