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Kinze Planters

Shelf Edition 12/23 and 16/31 1/64 Kinze 3600 Twin-Line Planters

Farm Progress Collectors Boxed Set

According to Gottman Toys it has been a long time in coming but they are proud to introduce a 100% fully functioning 1/64 telescoping Kinze planters. In mid-September Gottman Toys will release a 1/64 12/23 and 16/31 Kinze planter. These planters will be mostly die-cast with the exception of the planter boxes and row markers. The planters will come in bubble pack boxes. A Fall Farm Show Edition Kinze set will also be offered. The Fall Farm Show set will include both planters one box that states the set is 1 of 1,000. To learn more about these planters go to http://www.gottmantoys.com/kinze.htm

Spec Cast produced a 1/64 6 row planter in the mid 1990's.

 Scratch Builder Gordy Schultz made the 16/31  12/23 and 8/15 row interplant horizontal fold Kinze style models pictured above.

Kinze started in 1976 when Jon Kinzenbaw designed a rear folding planter
toolbar.  Prior to this planter the only folding planters were 3pt mounted
vertical fold models that transported wide and required to dumping of seed
from the hoppers.  The only other option for farmers wanting large planters
was endwise transport or the use of a planter trailer.

With these planters Kinze also introduced a low profile folding row marker
that used only one hydraulic cylinder.  It folded flat over the planter
when not in use, keeping the marker from catching in trees and other low

1985- Kinze started using a contact drive wheel to drive the meters.  This
eliminated the need to remove chains for transport, reduced maintenance, and
kept the drive components up out of the dirt.

The transmissions were also moved to the end of the planters at this time.
This made it easier to change population settings without tools and allowed
for for population settings.

In 1978 Kinze started using splitter rows to help meet demand for 15" rows.
They did this by adding solid rows to their rear folding planter.  This met
the initial demand, but was not adequate.

In 1980 Kinze introduced the Double Frame planter that had too frames with
all the row units on the rear frame.  This design was dropped due to
problems of residue flow in no-till, soil flow in conventional till, and
imbalance due to all weight behind the transport wheels.

1983- Kinze patented a push unit.  With this idea the Interplant idea came
about.  By staggering the units both in front of and behind the transport
wheels the problems above were solved.  The only problem was how to
transport this planter.

At the 1985 Farm Progress Show the Twin-Line planter was introduced.  It
used a center post to lift and rotate the toolbar for inline transport.  The
planter now had the narrowest transport lift, ability to flex in the field,
and the added yield potential due to the use of Interplant.

In 1989 Kinze introduced the Brush-Type Seed Meter.  It mechanically
singulates seeds for soybeans, sorghum, and cotton.  This meter plants these
crops the most accurate of any metering device on the market today.  For
corn Kinze uses a finger pickup seed meter that is almost the exact same as
a Deere unit.

Today in the year 2003 it can b said Kinze is the #1 name when it comes to row crop planting with many farmers.  Kinze biggest feature are its dependable row units and easy transport of 8, 12 and 16 row planters that pivot for road transport.  The TWIN-LINE transport system features a rugged 7" x 7" stainless steel-clad center post that rotates on two large tapered bearings at the base of the post. A spring-loaded latch/hook engages at the top of the post to secure the toolbar in the fully raised position. And, absolutely no daily maintenance is required! Eight 7" x 7" UHMW plastic pads glide against the post as it is raised and lowered. No lubrication is used.

KINZE expects the current trends in all types of conservation tillage and planting to continue. By remaining a focused or specialized manufacturer of planting equipment, the company maintains its flexibility in design and manufacturing and is able to respond quickly to new equipment applications and requirements as trends demand.

16/31 3600 Twin-Line 



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