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The Anteater

 Nine months after the International 4166 4wd came on to the market the 4100 series
 replacements development began. IH wanted a high horse power tractor with
 better maneuverability and less soil compaction. Harvester engineers
 joined two 1066 final drives with a 4166 transmission and transfer case to
 create a prototype articulated 4wd tractor and the 2+2 was born. This
 particular model is called a 2+2 because it consists of one two wheel
 drive tractor mated with another. To take advantage of the 86 series "
 Command Cab" and final drive, International designed the 2+2 so the solid
 front axle steered by pivoting the front half front half of the tractor
 rather than turning individual tires like the 4186. The long hood housed
 the engine-before-drive-axle configuration, requiring no engine redesign.
 Because of this tractors long hood it is often called an "Anteater." While
 2+2 tractors are all-wheel-drive tractors, they are full-fledged row-crop
 tractors capable of handling any job from plowing, cultivating, planting,
 haying and harvesting. One mistake many farmers made was over using the
 2+2 like a large 4wd instead of its intended purposes. The greatest
 advantage to this type of 4wd is that the operator sits behind the
 articulation where the equipment is attached and has a clear view of the
 field. IH released the 130 hp 3388 and 150hp 3588 2+2 in 1979 and the 170
 hp 3788 in 1980. Ertl offered a toy 1/16 and 1/64 3588.



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